in NewYork


Summer 2016 Program

This summer FCINY addresses the tensions and conflicts of human mind. The curated program consists of two psychologically charged exhibitions The Pleasure Principle and The Limits of Control and an accompanying publication that features the works of the exhibiting artists and furthermore explores the thematics through analytical articles. 



Mirage, a co-production of non-commercial art space Sinne and Mobius Fellowship Program, is curated by Markus Åström and features commissioned works by artists Juan Betancurth, Daniel Neumann and Tanja Koponen.


Nomen Nescio

Informal uniforms – this is how Niina & Timo Leskelä describe the basic collection of their unisex fashion label Nomen Nescio. In their uncompromising blackness and minimalism, the garments seems solemn in expression. For the Leskeläs, these aesthetics are not only a choice of style, but a manifestation of the ecological ideals behind Nomen Nescio’s production.


Riikka Kuoppala

Riikka Kuoppala describes her practice as two separate parts that intertwine. The first part is creating narrative films and videos that portray mental and psychological spaces. The second part consists of site-specific and collaborative projects on wider ethical issues. Both address the ways in which psychological realities are tied with external realities.