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Harri Pälviranta

Photographer Harri Pälviranta is both fascinated and sickened by violence. Through his body of work, he confronts places, means and victims of violence head-on, almost in a photojournalistic way - enabling the viewer to viscerally resonate with the brutal sceneries he depicts.


Suomen New Yorkin kulttuuri-instituutti aloitti syksyllä 2014 uuden kuvataiteilijoille suunnatun residenssiohjelman New Yorkissa Suomen Kulttuurirahaston tuella. Residenssistipendi sisältää kolmen kuukauden mittaisen työskentelyjakson Brooklynissä sijaitsevassa Triangle Residencyssä, asunnon sekä työskentelyapurahan. Hakuaika stipendille on 4.5 - 30.5.2015. Nyt haettavana ovat stipendit kausille 5.1. – 31.3.2016  ja 4.4. – 30.6.2016.


The Powers That Be

The exhibition The Powers That Be, on view at the Station Independent Projects in New York from July 17 to August 9, 2015, takes as its point of departure the knowledge of the body and the manifestations of physical energy. The thematic will be discussed through an ensemble of contemporary and avant-garde works of the past.


Elina Aho

Experiencing art can bring forth a heightened sense of perception, a peculiar state of awareness where the now is the only thing that matters. For visual artist Elina Aho it was the touch of charcoal on paper that initially ushered her into that state of flow and triggered a deep love for art.