in NewYork


Simo & Tuike Alitalo

Simo and Tuike Alitalo are known for their sound installations based on field recordings. Their work may also take the form of participatory art production, communal sound performance or a listening walk. Regardless of their method, the duo wishes to provide their public with tools to help them approach and understand the sonic riches of their landscapes.


Kai van der Puij

Architect and interior architect Kai van der Puij’s vast resumé comprises awarded interior design concepts, concrete structures as well as furniture design. During the past few years van der Puij has been experimenting with light as his medium, exploring the essence of light and its movement.


Iiu Susiraja: What Am I?

'What Am I?' is Iiu Susiraja's first solo exhibition in the United States. Featuring her uncanny self-portraits and video work, the exhibition will be on view at Ramiken Crucible in New York from November 13 to December 18, 2016.


Valtteri Heinonen

Architect Valtteri Heinonen is fascinated by the ever-changing structures of cities and the regulations that determine and guide building. Specialized in urban planning, he is also interested in the ways building preservation and the continuous evolution can be combined without losing the originality of the evolving districts.