in NewYork


Edit Bajsz

Working for two major Finnish architectural offices, LPR Architects based in Turku, and JKMM Architects based in Helsinki, Edit Bajsz has been both a project architect and an assistant architect in several significant cultural and residential projects.  During her one-month residency in February in New York, Bajsz is going to explore how the local school environment is reacting to the changes taking place in learning, teaching and the structure of lessons.


Elina Vainio

Within her artistic practice, Elina Vainio uses a variety of techniques ranging from video and photography to installation, sound and poetry. Through the vast array of media she utilizes, her works attempt to trace the historical development of images, ideas and concepts, and the forces that shape our contemporary culture. During her three-month stay in New York, Vainio’s goal is to examine the city as a gargantuan cycle of material mutation.



MOBIUS is a fellowship program for visual arts, museum and archive professionals based in New York, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Finland. One of the main agendas is to open up and develop current modes of operation in the fields of visual arts, museums and archives: in organizations ranging from up-and-coming to prominent, from independent to institutional.


Lasse Kosunen

Lasse Kosunen has been running his own architectural office focusing on the construction of public buildings and spaces since 1985. In 2015, Kosunen withdrew from the director’s post in his architecture office in order to be able to concentrate fully on his chores as a facilitator of public art in a newly established company Frei Zimmer.


Karoliina Paatos

During the past ten years, Karoliina Paatos has worked for several Finnish newspapers and magazines. Alongside her career as a photojournalist, she has been advancing her personal, long-term art projects that are rooted in the realms of both mystery and documentary. Paatos is FCINY’s artist-in-residence in January and February 2016.