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Artists for Triangle Residency Announced

In the fall of 2014 the FCINY added more residency opportunities for artists by starting a partnership with Triangle Residency located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

This partnership, funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation (Suomen Kulttuurirahasto), aims to benefit Finnish artists as well as the artist community at Triangle by creating an international network.



Mirage, a co-production of non-commercial art space Sinne and Mobius Fellowship Program, is curated by Markus Åström and features commissioned works by artists Juan Betancurth, Daniel Neumann and Tanja Koponen.


Summer 2016 Program

This summer FCINY addresses the tensions and conflicts of human mind. The curated program consists of two psychologically charged exhibitions The Pleasure Principle and The Limits of Control and an accompanying publication that features the works of the exhibiting artists and furthermore explores the thematics through analytical articles. 


Anne Hämäläinen

Alongside with her work as a photographer and a photo editor for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Anne Hämäläinen uses the artistic medium for both collaborative and personal projects. Hämäläinen's photography is documentary in style but her method of work leaves plenty of room for chance.


Elina Helenius

Elina Helenius is a textile designer especially known for her recent use of the scandinavian rya rug technique. 

“The core of my fascination for the rya rugs lies in coloration. My work is an investigation to the depth and tonality of colors, and to textiles’ potential to convey coloristic moods in the spaces they occupy.”