FCINY's functions aim towards setting people and ideas in motion, and creating international dialogue, as well as dialogue between visual art forms. This happens through the residencies and other mobility programs, but also through organizing exhibitions and events, and actively communicating about progressive contents of the visual arts.


FCINY offers working and research periods for Finnish designers, architects and artists through its residency program. Additionally, FCINY coordinates two collaborative residencies for visual artists with Alfred Kordelin Foundation and ISCP, and Finnish Cultural Foundation and Triangle Residency. Read more


FCINY curates, produces and enables practices and processes that find their final form in exhibitions, symposia, performances and collaborations of various kinds. The focus is on contemporary arts, design and architecture with an emphasis on thematic and transdisciplinary approach.


Focus articles contemplate and contextualize the fields of Finnish contemporary art, design and architecture at large. The invited professionals provide their in-depth perspective on timely topics and connect the current phenomena to a wider historical and thematic framework.


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